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Features of Decolite

Decolite® is an excellent solution for all your decoration needs, whether it can be Exterior, Interior, Exhibitions, Art, Advertisements, and Construction etc. Decolite® is a revolutionary product made of Fire-retardant EPS material at our state-of-the-art facilities Decolite® offers you an one stop solution for custom decoration in construction. Decolite® is available with proper surface finishing as well whenever required.

Light Weight
Cost effective
Easy to handle
Fast & Safe
Durable & Weather Resistant
Eco Friendly

Benefits of Decolite

Usage of Decolite are regarded as a fast and easy method of architectural decoration when compared to any other conventional building techniques.

Energy efficiency of a building is directly related to three distinct components which are the R-Value and Air tightness. All the two factors will have a direct effect on the energy efficiency of a building. Absence of any one of these three main characteristics reduces the building performance. Decolite address all three of the thermal performance properties, which can be translated into immense saving in energy consumption.

R-Value is a measure of the capacity of insulation to impede heat flow- the higher the value the better. Importantly, it is 100% continuous insulation on the wall.

Air tightness is: preventing of unwanted air movement in and out of the home or building via opening like windows, doors and service penetrations as well as through porous wall materials. Decolite allow the designer or builder to focus more on the flashing around openings and giving better control to the interior environment.

Decolite offer better moisture control, it can dramatically reduce the chances of moisture intrusion due to the fact that EPS wall assembly itself is a vapour retarder and the connection points can be designed to virtually eliminate any water intrusion. In addition to this, by creating an interior environment that allows the mechanical systems to control the amount of humidity in the living spaces, the ability for mould to form is greatly reduced or eliminated.

Decolite make it possible to control the IEQ (indoor environmental quality) by eliminating the intrusion of outside pollutants and using proper mechanical equipment by a properly designed structure that allows for the control of the IEQ it reduces allergy and asthma. Decolite provide the framework, to positively impact the general comfort by eliminating hot and cold spots and drafts due to Decolite's inherent high performance pertaining to thermal properties.

Decolite's are Eco-Friendly products as the amount of waste that is produced is able to be recycled including the expanded polystyrene foam recyclable materials. Any waste that is generated is 100% recyclable therefore Decolite is an Eco- friendly product. Plastic ties used in Decolite are of majorly recycled Polypropylene material.