Decolite® is an excellent solution for all your decoration needs, whether it can be Exterior, Interior, Exhibitions, Art, Advertisements, Construction etc. Decolite® is a revolutionary product made of Fire-retardant EPS material at our state-of-the-art facilities Decolite® offers you an one stop solution for custom decoration in construction. Decolite® is available with proper surface finishing as well whenever required.


Decolite is an innovative light weight architectural decoration basically for building facia. Made up of EPS (Expandable Polystyrene - Fire Retardant) coated with polymer modified cement.Decolite is available in various forms like claddings, carvings and mouldings in various sizes and thickness. Decolite is a flexible decorative product available is any sizes and shapes.


Decolite is a novel concept of Building System introduced; we are proud to present a contemporary technology. Decolite is a revolutionary building material having several advantages over conventional concrete forming products.

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